Front- maintainance outdoor high-definition display;
80%maintenance space saved; can be wall mounted;
Both the receiving card and the power supply can be removed from the front;
Aluminum box, better heat dissipation, lighter weight;
Standard box size:  1200 * 1200;
can be specially made;
Protection class IP65;

* only UF-16 is DIP lamp. 
Available Customize Panel size (From2018.10)

IP65 Panel Design

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1. Independent waterproof structure for both cabinet & module, front proof IP65 rear proof IP54, better waterproof & dustproof effect. 

2. Supporting both front & rear maintenance, quick & fast installation.
3. High brightness, gray, & refresh rate is optional, high quality image effect under sunbathing. 

4. No fan design for cooling, whole cabinet heat dissipation, decreasing electricity consumption.
> Compatibility: 4mm, 5mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm pitch.
Light and thin
> Magnalium alloy material, super-light, super-thin, more energy saving.
High protection grade
> High protection grade, IP65 on front and IP54 on rear; safe and reliable for use under atrocious climatic environment.