Wing Plus indoor

1. Pushing, rotating, pulling, 3 installation steps, easy & convenient.
2. Spiral shape locating pin, supporting single cabinet disassembly from whole screen, high effective maintenance.
3. Unit power box fast card technology, quickly handle problems from power & receiving card.
4.  Supporting curved screen, mini convex installation angle is 20°, max concave installation angle is 30°.
5.  Mixed splicing & connection for 500*500 / 500*1000mm, universal module.

* 2nd Generation

Separating Structure

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The new Structure,  only Frame Modules and Back controll box 3 parts.
Power supplly and receving card all in Back controll box(BCB).
Even no need any tools, just hold the handdle, turn-pull. than all core parts can be changed one step within 1 minute.