LED Strobe with Aura backlight (RGB) into reflector

is the perfect blend of a traditional strobe and cutting -edge LED technology.
It is not only a strobe, but also a creative tool that incorporates backlight illumination
with RGB -controlled LEDs pointing into the reflector. It delivers stunning eye candy
looks similar to the Aura (backlight) array .

Light source:
  228x3W white LEDs (Strobe )
  64x 0.6w RGB LEDs (backlight) array

  50,000 hours

  8 bits per color plus8-bit dimming

Control systems: DMX
  DMX channels: 3/4/14 Channels (same as Martin Atomic)
  Setting:Control panel with backlit monochrome display

N.W: 7kgs /pcs
G.W: 8.2kgs/pcs

Packing Size:
  50x 24x 34cm (1pcs /carton)
  52x50x39cm (2pcs/carton)
Flight case:
  80x60x69cm (6pcs in 1 case )


The fixture has two LED arrays:

• The Beam is a high-intensity array that gives powerful strobe and blinder effects

• The Aura gives RGB effects that light up the front of the fixture to complement or contrast with the output
from the Beam.

Strobe effects

The 3000 LED offers strobe effects from the Beam with variable flash rate, flash duration and
intensity. It also offers the following pre-programmed effects:

• Ramp up/down intensity modulation effects

• Random flashes

• Classic reflector look

• Aura backlight (RGB) into reflector

•Dimmable house -light function at reduced brightness and power consumption
• LED and Xenon mode available via menu and DMX control channel

• 4 button menu and LCD display for quick and easy setting adjustment

• Clever rigging and bracket solution

• 4 Channel DMX mode as Atomic 3000 (easy replacement)

•14 Channel Extended DMX mode incl. Aura control and internal FX macros

 Lightning – simulates the instantly recognizable ‘dirty’ flash of a lightning strike
• Spikes – low-intensity light output with high-intensity flashes.

Blinder effects

To obtain a continuous blinder effect, set flash duration to a long value and flash rate to a high frequency

value so that flashes ‘overlap’ and merge into continuous light output.
Aura RGB Color

Extended DMX mode gives control of the Aura. You can set Aura color with independent RGB control and
you can also control overall Aura intensity.

The four different dimming curve options available in the fixture’s control menus apply to both the Beam and
the Aura dimming curves.